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About Whales

Whales started by winning one of the biggest band contests in Portugal “FestivalTermómetro” as well as releasing their first single “Big Pulse Waves” which allowed them to play in festivals such as NOS Alive and Festival Bons Sons. In 2018 they released their debut album “Whales” from which they released singles such as “Ghost” that was nominated for low budget category at the Berlin Music Video Awards and “Twerp” which debuted on the British Clash Magazine. With this album they toured around 7 countries all around Europe with more than 20 show , including well known festivals such as Eurosonic Noorderslag and MaMa Festival in Paris. For the last two years, Whales has been touring with their debut album, for now, while cooking the second one, the band challenged 5 artists from all around the globe to remix 5 songs. ‘Ghost’ was remixed by Fragrance, a french synthpop artist. ‘How Long’ was in the hands of Bottlesmoker, an eletronic duo from Indonesia, followed by ‘Beyoncé, I Love You’, remixed by “First Breath After Coma”, band that shares the roster of the label Omnichord Records with Whales