O Manipulador

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About O Manipulador

O Manipulador is Manuel Molarinho’s one-man-band. Influenced by alternative rock bands and DIY ethics, Molarinho finds inspiration in experimentation, abandoned industrial landscapes and the melodies and rhythms captured within conversations.The musician’s unique architecture is accomplished by creating pieces and songs using pedals, vocals, loop station and bass, which takes an unexpected leading role as a percussion, textural and melodic instrument. ‘Doppler’ is the 4th album by O Manipulador (following ‘Boxing’, ‘Chess’ and ‘Lop’). Released on Jan 7th 2020 through Saliva Diva, this is an album about perception and the influence that both time and distance have on it. This set of 9 songs, written throughout the last decade, are autobiographical and reflective, less essayistic than in previous works and more concerned with the end result of the songs. Currently living in Porto, Manuel Molarinho (also a member of Baleia Baleia Baleia, Burgueses Famintos and Daniel Catarino’s band) has been constantly on the road, and his concerts as O Manipulador have been repeatedly praised by critics.