Nuno Trocado

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About Nuno Trocado

Nuno Trocado is a composer and guitarist crossing various contemporary musical constellations. He is particularly interested in the combination between the spontaneity of improvisation and the rigor of algorithmic composition. His work also focuses on the multiple meanings of noise, and frequently entails collaborations with other musicians and with artists of different disciplines.

He holds a degree in jazz guitar and is active in several improviser groups, both as a leader and as a sideman. He also obtained a master’s degree in composition and music theory from ESMAE (Porto, Portugal).

In the context of a residence in the 2017 edition of the Guimarães Jazz festival, he created Cotovelo, a disciplinary crossing between music and theater, edited by the Carimbo Porta-Jazz label and awarded with a grant by the GDA Foundation. He composed for various instrumental ensembles and presented electro-acoustic works. His work 2458208, for ensemble and electronics, was recorded by the Ensemble de Música Contemporânia da ESMAE and the score published by MPMP. He’s a co-founder of the collective Pãodemónio, contributing guitar and electronic noises to both their albums released so far.

In 2019 he launched Vestiges, an improvised collaboration with the bassist Sérgio Tavares and the british multi-reedist Tom Ward. 2020 sees him premiering Naiad Splash, with music for guitar and two saxes (played by João Pedro Brandão and Hugo Ciríaco), sideman work with drummer João Martins and organist Liévin Lefebvre, as well as further collaborations with Sérgio Tavares, Rodrigo Constanzo, and visual artist Dária Salgado.