João Mortágua

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About João Mortágua

João Mortágua is a portuguese saxophonist and composer.  He released 5 albums of his own: “Janela” (2014), “Mirrors”, “AXES” (2017), “Dentro da Janela” (2019) and “MAZAM: Land” (2020). Has a solo project called HOLI. 

Also plays with Nuno Ferreira, André Fernandes, Carlos Bica, André Santos, Filipe Teixeira, Hugo Raro, Nelson Cascais, Diogo Alexandre, Luís Figueiredo, Paulo Santo, Bruno Pernadas, Jeffery Davis, Alexandre Coelho, Gonçalo Moreira & Bernardo Moreira, among other talented musicians/composers.

Has played around Portugal and Galicia, and with his group AXES, in cities like Ponferrada, Bolzano, Münster.